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cialisThe effect and operation of Cialis

The action of Cialis on the body manifests itself by increasing blood flow to the penis due to the relaxation of smooth muscles of arteries and the corpora cavernosa. Effect of Cialis lasts 36 hours, i.e. one and a half days.
How to take Cialis

Cialis is taken orally with water and without food for 30-60 minutes before sexual intimacy. The maximum recommended frequency of administration – one time per day. The active substance Generic Cialis – Tadalafil is rapidly absorbed by the body and completely absorbed in 2 hours after administration.

Buy generic Cialis TadalafilPered start taking Cialis you should clearly understand their problem and to expect only realistic results. The effect of Cialis pill, you can feel immediately after the first dose, but in some cases this can be achieved within 3-5 days of daily tablet intake of Cialis. Action of Cialis is shown starting from the 16th minute after administration and lasts for 36 hours. We are all different – and pills are each in different ways, so you need to be patient and give your body time to get used to.

Depending on the complexity of your problems with erection, Cialis (Tadalafil) can be taken as a cure – daily pills in small doses, or take Cialis if necessary. For most men, just follow the second option, and take a pill 30 minutes before anticipated sexual intercourse (for reliability drink pill 1 hour before sexual intimacy). For men who have a rather acute problem with potency necessary to use the first method – daily use of the drug.

apcalisAfter meetings and consultations with a doctor about the problem of erectile dysfunction, it may prescribe the required dosage and treatment Cialis. For a daily rate applied pill Cialis in smaller doses of 5 or 10 mg. For the “fighting spirit” is used 20 mg tablets, they are called “36 hour Cialis.”

For best results, take the tablet strictly observing the instructions and / or a doctor’s recommendation. Depending on how your body reacts to the drug, you can increase or decrease the dosage. Ask for help from specialists (therapist or urologist) if you feel uncomfortable, exacerbated side effects or you think that the drug has no effect.

No matter which method you are advised to your doctor – you will always be fully prepared to commit more sexual exploits.
What does Cialis:

Side effects Cialis (Cialis)

It does not cure the violation of erectile dysfunction;
It does not increase sexual arousal;
It does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

You do not get an erection if you just drank a pill of Cialis for erectile dysfunction must be the natural sexual arousal. Cialis is designed primarily to achieve and prolong an erection of the penis, rather than the full treatment (disposal) problems associated with erectile dysfunction (ED).
Side effects Cialis (Sialis)

The most common side effects when taking Cialis are headache, back pain and / or muscle aches, diarrhea, rush of blood to the skin, and a runny nose. These side effects are not all at once, there may be several or only one symptom.

For each person they arise due to the individual organism. Frequently, the symptoms disappear within a few hours after ingestion of the tablet. After several receptions Cialis, the body gets used to the absorption of the active ingredients of the drug in the future possibly weak manifestation of the side effects or even their absence.

If you have recurrent or increasing incidence of side effects, you can go to the reception of another drug to treat erectile dysfunction, or in addition to consult with your doctor.

At the bottom of the page you can read reviews Cialis from our customers, which describe with any side effects they have faced and how they can be overcome.