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Go Green Events is a consulting company focusing on producing green events and promoting green companies. Our company provides quality professional services that help you, your attendees and your industry consciously profit from successful green events.

Our team of meeting planners and green consultants strive to provide reliable and personal services that help your organization grow while benefiting the environment within tangible practices. We understand that all events are crucial for success and that each, large or small, represent the integrity of your business. Whether your event’s purpose is to increase awareness, membership, knowledge, reputation, business, or profit, our services will focus on those needs and create an event aimed at your objectives. Applying our experience from worldwide conference planning, festivals, fundraisers and green consulting we can ensure that your meeting or event is a positive and beneficial experience for everyone involved.

The benefits of hiring an experienced professional extend beyond the event itself; it allows you to focus your valuable time on the primary goals of your organization. Knowing that even the smallest details can have an impact on the environment and budget, you can depend on our company to research all aspects of your event. By using our network and experience, we can find the right event location, negotiate the most beneficial contracts, and be sure that all of these terms and agreements are actualized. While Go Green Events manages all important details—from planning and logistics to recycling and carbon credits—you can make every minute count for networking, education, and exploration of new ideas for your organization’s growth. Add to your return on investment by not only making your events meaningful for your attendees but also minimizing environmental impact. Our services are designed to reduce the impact of event logistics on you and your staff and the environment, so that you can enjoy the benefits of a professionally executed event.

We look forward to greening up your business or event!

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